mod_pagespeed or Apache caching


at the time when some users of pluxml (of this forum) evoke their discoveries about self-hosting, and co, I came across by chance (it's not bad, do not worry) this morning on a news from the google blog about a mod for apache2 : Mod_PageSpeed ​​by google.

I do not make the affront to translate the page, nor to explain in detail what I will summarize by "it is a mod to cache data, designed by Google, and running on the server apache2".

I just tested on different sites, with more or less success (including pluxml who does not like it because rewriting, yes again it does not mix with the procedures of caching and ... rewriting precisely this mod, I will look for the why of how). Indeed, this mod is quite configurable, and quite finely! I am getting lost for the moment in the "options", but hey, who does not look ... can not find.




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