that comments can be totally disabled?.


I understand that the comments are important for many users of pluxml (which I discovered with great pleasure! Thank you and Bravo), but personally I think it would be interesting or even wise if we could totally disable comments or better than the comments become a plugin that would be activable or not? (of course, leaving pluxml as easy to use !!).

I know that we can do it in the configuration part (I did it by being admin) but the question remains put in the writing of an article: "Allow comments:" and there we chose yes or no? even though I've disabled comments (another advanced editor account, is it a bug or an oversight?), normally these kinds of questions should not be seen as I've disabled everything!

Another question, I would like to develop as soon as I have a little plugins, I did not find examples or documentation on the subject ?? are there hooks (inputs) to encode functions for display, insertion? (Maybe I was looking wrong ?




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