Pluxml development ?

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I see that the forum "Official Announcements" is not bcp filled, so I worry about the evolution of pluxml, I know there is a team in place, but the question is:
How is the pluxml development?
Where we are ?
What are the next innovations?



  • bazooka07bazooka07 Member
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    You can follow the development of PluXml at Github .
    The actuel release is version 5.8.2.
    In a few of weeks, PluXml switches at version 5.8.3.
    But big changes will coming before the end of year. Follow "master" branch in the repository at Github.

  • P3terP3ter PluXml Project Manager
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    PluXml is still maintained. PluXml 6 which should arrive at the end of the year (I hope), the CSS framework PluCSS will be replaced by Knacss, the backoffice will be redesigned and we will continue to improve the CMS engine (class autoload, simpleXML implementation, opcache implementation, ...). I also have other improvements in mind, such as the possibility to install a plugin directly from the backoffice. We have pleinty of ideas, as shown in this thread (in french). I hope that we will also be able to add Chinese, Korean and Japanese translations to PluXml 6.

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